Think Pink Aerolite


In fact the Think Pink Aerolite is one of the oldest forms of roofing insulation on the market. As well know the old Think Pink Aerolite adverts many years ago. With many years of experience in the manufacture of all types of insulation products from high density commercial insulation materials for furnaces and boilers to Aerolite insulation for homes.

Why Is Aerolite Referred to As Think Pink Aerolite?

Over the years the Aerolite Insulation or as many still refer the to insulation as Think Pink or Think Pink Aerolite because of the stunning pink color. As a consequence of many years of R&D as well as technology changes Aerolite has evolved to be one of the best if not the best roof insulation products on the market.

Aerolite Insulation And The New TEL Fiberizing Technology

The new TEL Fiberizing technology that is applied in the manufacturing of Think Pink Aerolite has made massive strides in improving the energy benefits of the Aerolite. In fact the World Health Organisation has given the new Aerolite a 111 rating.

Meaning the (Aerolite) Think Pink Aerolite is safer than most household products found in the kitchen. Additionally Aerolite Think Pink is Bio soluble and has no known health risks after years of extensive testing unlike most other roof insulation products.

What Are The Benefits Of Think Pink Aerolite?

  1. One of the most advanced insulation products available.
  2. Aerolite is BIO-SOLUBLE.
  3. Cooler in Summer.
  4. Warmer in Winter.
  5. Improve indoor temperature 4-8 degrees with the correct thickness.
  6. Reduce noise pollution with Aerolite sound proofing benefits.
  7. Save energy on the reduction of heating and cooling costs.
  8. Lifespan of Aerolite Think Pink 30 – 50 years.
  9. Fire rating AA/1/1 Think Pink Aerolite is not combustible.

How Aerolite Works In Summer?

In the summer months our homes gain excessive amounts of unwanted heat. As a result the roof space heats up substantially. Therefore the roof and ceiling space retain the heat. Resulting in the ceiling gaining heat that is radiated into the home. In fact as much as 35 – 40% of all heat enters the home via the ceiling. What this means is that your ceiling is similar to underfloor heating above your head in summer when you most certainly dont want that. The heat flow into the home with the correctly installed ceiling insulation will reduce heat flow into the home by as much as 85% into the home. As a result homeowners will have an improved indoor temperature of 4-8 degrees.

How Aerolite Works In Winter?

In winter our homes are warmer than the outside temperature and so is the roof space. The cold air in the roof sinks as all cold air does and immediately your home is colder. It seems nothing will work in heating up the home. Heaters and a fire in the home have to work at maximum to warm up a small area. On the other hand homes insulated with Think Pink Aerolite will be 4-8 degrees warmer to start with. Therefore adding heating will not only warm up the direct local area but will warm up most of the home.

Think Pink Aerolite Sound Proofing

Aerolite is regarded as one of the best soundproofing insulation materials on the market. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC 1.1 many insulation installers will install Aerolite in to night clubs and pubs to reduce the effect of noise pollution.

Think Pink Aerolite and Health

In fact in many countries including South Africa only products like Aerolite may be installed in hospitals Schools and high volume traffic areas were many people congregate. One of the main reasons for this is that that Aerolite is safe for anyone. Another major factor is that Aerolite is Not Combustible. Ceiling insulation products like cellulose insulation and the polyester brands may not be installed in these areas. However they may be installed in homes. This most certainly does not mean they are not efficient as a form of insulation as all insulation products are rated by R-value.

What is Insulation R-value

R-value is the measure of the ability of a given insulation to reduce the heat flow up or down. The higher the R-value the better the insulation properties. Aerolite has one of the best R-values on the market for this reason Aerolite is a first choice for most homeowners.