Isotherm Insulation


Isotherm Insulation is a polyester type roof insulation. Manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles. (Coke, Fanta Sprite bottles etc.) As we all know these plastic bottles would be pollution on the planet for than 100 years. Therefore Isotherm Insulation is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly insulation products on the market.

Benefits Of Isotherm Insulation

  • Isotherm is dust free and allergy free.
  • Polyester insulation similar to a polyester duvet.
  • Cooler in Summer by 4 – 8 degrees.
  • Warmer in winter by 4 – 8 degrees.
  • Save energy by reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  • Life long energy saving benefits.

Health Benefits Of Isotherm Insulation

Polyester Insulation products like Isotherm are ideal for homeowners that have allergies. Polyester Insulation products are dust free and allergy free. Additionally polyester insulation creates a more stable temperature environment in the home. Resulting in a healthier environment.

How Roof Insulation Improves Indoor Temperature?

Roof insulation must be laid directly on the ceiling. In fact many installers don’t realize the importance of fitting the Roof Insulation directly on the ceiling between the beams. In many cases roof insulation is laid over the beams creating a cavity space for heat loss.

Heat build up in the roof space increases indoor temperature in summer. By the same token in winter the warm air in the home is lost via the ceiling. Insulated roofs will reduce heat loss and gain by up to 85%.

What Is The Best Insulation For Roofs?

There are many Roof Insulation products on the market world wide. Most insulation products have great thermal properties. However the best roof insulation will have a high R-value as well as a long lifespan with a good fire rating.

In fact R-value is king. The higher the R-value the better the insulation benefits. Additionally a long lifespan as well as a good fire rating are important factors when selecting insulation for your roof.