10 most efficient Air conditioners


This guide to the Ten Most Energy Efficient Air conditioners includes their SEER rating and some other characteristics that set them apart.

We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages and possible issues to be aware of when installing one of the 10 most energy efficient Air conditioners available. The most energy efficient central air conditioners are 20 SEER to 26 SEER.

The SEER rating of the very efficient ACs goes up each year.

10 Most Efficient Air Conditioners Have High SEER Ratings

SEER considers efficacy over the changes that happen in a cooling system. By way of instance, in the Midwest, the AC may be used only a few times in the Spring, quite a little in summer, and just a couple times in the autumn.

What is making you think about the most effective ACs? For many, efficiency is a top priority due to the reduced cooling costs of 40 percent and more in many instances. For others, it’s greener cooling with lower carbon emissions because of less energy consumption. With energy costs climbing these 10 most efficient air conditioners is a perfect stating point to efficient cooling.

Needless to say, that is an attractive mix of advantages. To reach, the ENERGY STARs “Most Efficient” list, the device must be 18 SEER and 13 EER. These units create the list. ENERGY STAR rated ACs rated by EER, Energy Efficiency Rating, which evaluates peak efficiency.

If your climate is always dry and hot from spring to fall, EER is a more important element to take into account. Anywhere else, SEER is more significant. Most top ACs are variable-capacity air conditioners, though a two-stage version makes a list.

Top 10 Most Enrgy Efficient Central Air Conditioners

  1. Lennox Signature Series XC25
  2. Amana AVXC20 & Daikin DX20VC
  3. Lennox Signature Series XC21
  4. Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1 & Bryant Evolution180B
  5. York YXV, Coleman AC21B, Luxaire AL21B, Champion AS21B, Fraser-Johnston AL21B
  6. Carrier Infinity 20 24VNAO & Bryant Evolution 180C
  7. Rheem Prestige RA20 & Ruud UA20
  8. Armstrong Air & AirEase SCU/BCE Series– Pro Series 4SCU20LX
  9. Lennox Elite XC20
  10. Maytag M1200 PSA1BG, NuTone FSA1BG & Broan FSA1BG iQ Drive

(1) Lennox Signature Series XC25

Lennox has made a greater commitment to high efficiency than any other HVAC. The brand has three versions in this listing, and Lennox SunSource solar PV modules are designed to get rid of energy use from fossil fuels.

The Lennox XC25, in the head of this top Signature Series, is the most effective split system central air conditioner with a 26 SEER rating. Some mini split ACs (at similar cost) and geothermal heat pumps (in a much higher price ) are more efficient, but no conventional central AC.

Many houses are still cooling with ACs which are 10 SEER to 13 SEER. Replacing an old unit with a 26 SEER Lennox XC25 will decrease AC operating costs by 50 percent to greater than 60%.

Likes and Dislikes

Mediocre guarantee: We’d love to think a leading brand has a great warranty. Lennox does not, because you’ll notice when reading about the upcoming units.

All XC25 components covered with a 10-year limited guarantee – it’s Lifetime coated, and there’s no unit replacement policy. Solar: We adore the XC25 along with other Lennox models readily incorporate with solar to decrease the demand for energy generated from coal-fired plants.

A 30% federal tax credit can be obtained for solar setup, even though it is going to fall to 28 percent and then 26 percent during the next few years.

The expense of solar energy is coming down also as exciting new products such as building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) tiles and shingles are competing with conventional solar panels.

Notice on Lennox components: Lennox utilizes more of its brand replacement components, instead of universal elements than most other makers. There is no noticeable gap in quality. Spares were challenging to get and expensive.

Our study proves that this problem is resolved, even though localized components shortages happen sometimes. We mention that because damaging publicity about Lennox remains located on the web. The majority of it’s at least a few years old. Lennox has been a firm favorite for 10 most energy efficient air conditioners.

(2) Amana AVXC20 & Daikin DX20VC

24.5 SEER / 14 EER

Great guarantees: These manufacturers have a few of the best warranties available. Amana offers a lifetime guarantee on the compressor. If it fails, Amana will replace the entire condensing unit, the technical name for your AC or outside unit.

The overall parts guarantee is ten years. Daikin supplies a 12-year unit replacement warranty on the compressor. Along with a 12-year warrantee on the other parts. Yes, they are in the same unit. Daikin’s AC replacement guarantee is shorter.

The Amana AVXC20 and Daikin DX20VC possess a higher SEER rating compared to Lennox XC25, as do many other people among them. Other conditions for the same technologies are regulating, variable-speed and inverter-driven.

Not only are such models tied inefficiency, but they’re also the same. Daikin obtained Amana in 2012. Considering that Alan has a renowned and decent standing in the business, Daikin proceeds to use the title. Customer feedback shows Amana claims the postion as one of the Top 10 most energy Efficient Air conditioners.

Pros and Cons

Inverter technologies: Daikin has been a business pioneer in the creation of inverter technology, although mainly from the mini-split sector. It’s years of knowledge and expertise. As this technology is entirely new in conventional split systems, it will nonetheless be 5-10 years before we know which manufacturer makes the ideal variable-capacity compressors.

We will not be surprised in Daikin/Amana technologies is revealed through information to be one of the most dependable.

Reliability worries: As mentioned above, the inverter technology shouldn’t be an issue. Its other parts we are concerned with. Daikin attracted a dedication to enhancing quality when purchasing Amana (and Goodman), however, there’s a little uncertainty about Amana/Goodman components.

(3) Lennox Signature Series XC21

21.2 SEER / 15 EER

Two-stage: These components cost less than variable-capacity ACs, break down less and cost less to fix when they’re doing. Warranty: As mentioned above, Lennox does not back its goods with the guarantees of many different makers supply.

Solar: Such as the XC25, this device functions together with SunSource PV solar modules. That is a two-stage AC. It defeats the Carrier/Bryant models under by .2 SEER, therefore justifies Lennox calling it the”most effective two-stage” air conditioner. This unit was created for super-hot climates.

Cost: Lennox air conditioners are more expensive than many comparable units.

(4) Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1 & Bryant Evolution180B

All these are two-stage ACs, maybe not variable-capacity. Low cooling is roughly 70 percent capacity, and it’s utilized to maintain even temperature.

If it warms up fast or should you turn down the thermostat several levels, the machine will change to 100 percent capacity for quicker cooling. Carrier has been the first significant manufacturer to present variable capacity cooling using a version which is manufactured any longer.

It is intriguing that one of the 10 most energy efficient Air conditioners is discontinued!

Two-stage: These components cost less than regulating ACs. They offer proven dependability when compared with variable-speed compressors which were developed more recently. Repair prices are also reduced if the compressor has to be replaced.

Here is our next set of indistinguishable air conditioners. Carrier possesses the Bryant brand. Notice how large the EER is! These ACs are a fantastic alternative in which summer heat is intense.

(5) York YXV, Coleman AC21B, Luxaire AL21B, Champion AS21B, Fraser-Johnston AL21B

These are Johnson Controls manufacturers, and the components are indistinguishable. York is the most frequently marketed manufacturer. Others are not available in all areas of the united states.

The demand for using it may be prevented by using our regional Estimates option to acquire quotes from a number of the greatest HVAC contractors in your area. They’re pre-screened for expertise and are insured and licensed.

Likes and Dislikes

Climate alteration: These components could be corrected by the installer to get optimum efficiency and indoor relaxation in your surroundings.

Labour guarantee: A 1-year labor warranty is included. It is probable you’ll have a first-year problem if the installer bungled the occupation. However, this is highly unlikely. It happens. While most will not be an issue, this is a little benefit.

10-year guarantee: The general components guarantee is standard. It does not stand out.

(6) Carrier Infinity 20 24VNA0 & Bryant Evolution 180C

We are unsure how Carrier handles such high EER evaluations relative to SEER evaluations, but it’s an impressive Unit. These are costly air conditioners; therefore in a sense, you are paying all these benefits.

Few ACs have Labour guarantee: Many ACs include one year of labor policy. Some have zero labor policy. These components have 3-year labor guarantees, the finest we’re mindful of. It’s possible to cover protracted labor warranties – those come standard. The labor warranty is paid for up front.

It is not true to state the 3-year labor policy comes free with the Parts guarantees. Few ACs have significant mechanical problems in the first three years.

(7) Rheem Prestige RA20 & Ruud UA20

20.5 SEER / 13 EER

These brands are owned by Paloma Industries, such as Daikin, a firm with its headquarters in Japan. Variable-capacity, ACs from such brands. They had been in production since mid-2019.

Likes and Dislikes

New Products: Some auto buyers are reluctant to buy a car in its first model year or following a substantial overhaul in its technology. That is the way we feel about such units, even when the compressor is a Copeland. We would wait a few years to find out whether there are”bugs” from the tech that Ruud/Rheem should repair.

Sure, the guarantee Great: But having your device stop functioning in the heating system is still a nuisance. Therefore with a ten-year replacement from Rheem or Ruud, we have peace of mind.

Copeland Compressors: Copeland might be the most respected maker of compressors in the business. Therfore you will find Copeland units in many brands such as Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Heil, and Arcoaire. If the compressor fails with this particular unit in the first decade, Rheem or even Ruud will replace the entire AC.

(8) Armstrong Air & AirEase SCU/BCE Series– Pro Series 4SCU20LX

20 SEER / 14 EER

Lennox. In fact, the unit is almost identical to the model above. It costs more, as we explained above. If you can find an Allied Air dealer in your area with a good reputation for quality installation, choose their unit over Lennox.

Price: Lennox is your elite, high-cost brand. These are almost identical to another AC on this listing but cost less. Lennox brands these ACs with another name knowing that many homeowners will not buy Lenox because of the higher pricing.

Why? Since Lennox understands that some homeowners will not get quotes Lennox-branded ACs since they think they’re over-priced.

Pricing Armstrong Air and AirEase in a lower price let them market more air conditioners, even at a lower profit margin for all these brands. If you’d like a fantastic value in an air purifier, those indistinguishable brands are a tremendous pick.

Warranty: The same mediocre 10-year parts guarantee is supplied.

(9) Lennox Elite XC20

20 SEER / 14 EER

Lennox again. This unit is almost identical to the model above. It costs more, as we explained above. So, if you can find an Armstrong Air or AirEase dealer in your area with a good reputation for quality installation, choose their unit over Lennox.

10 Maytag M1200 PSA1BG, NuTone FSA1BG & Broan FSA1BG iQ Drive

Maytag is marketed more broadly than NuTone and Iran, but these are the same versions. In fact, they are variable-capacity central air conditioners. These brands fit into the middle of the pack for reliability, and that’s to say you can expect superior durability out of them. Quality tests: These units are placed through the most rigorous excellent assurance testing in the market. While that is fine, many ACs are tested before sending, and couple fails so early after being fabricated.

With a 10-year overall components guarantee:  Nothing particular

10-year replacement guarantee: The manufacturers will replace the whole AC when the compressor fails in the first decade

Pros and Cons Of Efficient Air Conditioners

  • Hot Climates: 3-8 years
  • Moderate climates: 9-15 years
  • Cool climates: 16-25 years

We structure the pros/cons by inquiring if a 20 SEER AC or more efficient unit is suitable for you. Super-efficient AC prices are 20% to 50% higher than single-stage and two-stage ACs with average efficiency and a payback period of a few years. In most cases, the 10 most energy efficient Air conditioners will give years of heating and cooling benefits and hassle-free use.

Ceiling insulation and Air conditioners Work Perfectly together

In order to get the best energy saving from any form of heating and cooling is Ceiling insulation. Correctly fitted insulation products like Think Pink Aerolite can improve indoor temperature as much as 4 – 8 degrees in summer and winter.

Therefore, reducing the heating and cooling requirements substantially. Additionally, the double glazed window also retains even temperatures in the home. As a result double glazed window benefit is very much under-estimated.